Our Story

The story behind Dr. Joe Explains

When Dr. Joe Explains founder, Abby Hofmeister, developed a medical condition that baffled doctors, the lack of information left her bewildered and wrought with anxiety. Abby’s greatest source of comfort came from her father, Dr. Joe Hofmeister, M.D. (yes, he’s a real person) who was particularly good at breaking down complex medical jargon to make things easier for her to understand. Information became Abby’s greatest source of comfort, and a father who knew how to explain it—her greatest resource.

From this experience grew a new purpose in Abby’s life—to become that same source of comfort, information, and clarity for others struggling with the stress, fear, and anxiety of a medical condition. Together, the father-daughter duo assembled a team of medical, educational, and communications experts collectively known as Dr. Joe Explains.

Dr. Joe and Abby Hofmeister

Inspired by Abby’s story and the first-hand experiences of so many others, our team creates informative materials that patients and loved ones can use to take control of the things they can and accept the things they cannot. Our materials use common language and storytelling to make information more relatable and easier to understand.

By turning accurate medical information into compassionate, everyday conversations, we provide a sense of direction, nurture confidence, and equip others with the knowledge and courage to make the best possible health decisions.

What began as a simple act of caring between a father and his daughter has grown into an important resource that’s helping to improve the quality of life for so many others. From one patient to another, one parent to another, and one doctor to another—we look forward to becoming a part of your care and support.
In the same way that a father can make the world feel a little less scary for his daughter, Dr. Joe Explains makes medical care less scary for patients, caregivers, and loved ones.