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The healthcare industry is unlike any other. Consumer health requires collaboration amongst the entire industry in support of the health and wellbeing decisions consumers face. But healthcare is still a business, right? That’s why we design solutions that not only support your patients, but also help you meet business goals.

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If you don’t believe there is a difference between good and great patient education, think again! Patient education needs to be more than just words on paper. Great education can help you reach your goals and set you apart from competitors.

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We are working to build the industry’s most innovative engagement & education network, going beyond traditional health education, providing health and medical information consumers want, when they want it, the way they want it—with measurable outcomes.

Our mission is to build a platform that changes the lives of patients, while also helping our customers. Our future platform will provide customers with advertising, marketing, and lead generation opportunities, as well as access to our unique user data.

Imagine a world where health information is as personalized as the health journey. That’s the world we are working to create.

As a physician, I sometimes struggle with explaining how I see a disease process. Dr. Joe helps bridge the gap between medical providers and their patients in a way that connects the two seamlessly. It helps bring back to earth the experiences that a patient may face in dealing with her/his cancer diagnosis.
Once you hear the word “cancer” in the same sentence with the name of someone you love and care about, it’s hard to hear anything else. Dr. Joe takes the guesswork out of understanding breast cancer diagnosis and treatment by explaining it in a way that nearly everyone can understand.
Dr. Joe is beautifully written with compassion and from the perspective of a friend. A really smart friend who has your best interest at heart and understands the importance and sensitivity of the topic you are discussing. I was impressed by Dr. Joe’s ability to discuss a woman's worst nightmare - YOU HAVE BREAST CANCER - in an educational and scientific way without losing the emotions every woman is feeling during this time.
There probably isn't anything more terrifying than hearing a physician saying, "you have cancer!" Then it starts, all the strange words, testing, confusion and your mind is overwhelmed. Dr. Joe will alleviate a lot of that anxiety. It can help you understand things and help you and your family feel more prepared for the difficult journey you have ahead of you.
Dr. Joe does a phenomenal job of breaking down the complexities of breast cancer step-by-step and in "layman’s" terms. The artwork, easy-to-read narrative combined with the analogies makes breast cancer education so much easier to digest. Breaking down the barrier of fear and hitting it head-on with concepts we can all understand.